6 Medical Conditions Cured With Natural Juices

By | April 2, 2014
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Six medical conditions cured with natural juices

Many times people deal with different medical problems by running to the local pharmacy seeking all kinds of remedies. But we should keep in mind that luckily there are a lot of fruit and vegetables whose natural juice rids us of various medical conditions.

1. Get rid of coughing with black radish

Black Radish juice

Due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin C and calcium, black radish juice rids you of coughing. Black radish juice is ideal in cases of bronchitis, coughing, virosis or flu.
Grate one black radish, leave it there for three hours and after that squeeze it for its juice. It is enough to take six teaspoons of black radish juice a day for you to get rid of the flu, cold or flu. Advice: take maximum three teaspoons of black radish juice to children.

2. Treating ulcer with potatoes


If you drink it raw, potato juice helps heal the bowel system, especially the gastric mucosa, due to the minerals it contains (copper, calcium, magnesium), but also due to one enzyme found in the plant cells. For a better taste, mix potato juice with carrots. Advice: for patients suffering from diabetes, it is recommended a ten-day treatment with this juice.

3. Kidney stones are dissolved with cucumber juice

cucumber juice.

Cool and tasty, cucumber juice is a great diuretic and has great results in kidney conditions, e.g. renal lithiasis.
Mix 200 ml of cucumber juice with 200 ml of carrot juice and black radish juice and add a little honey. Advice: you can choose the combination of cucumber, carrots and red beet.

4. Harden your hair with green pepper

bell-pepper-juice natural remedies

Due to its content of silicon, green pepper strengthens your nails and hair roots. Moreover, you can drink it when cramps bother you or in cases of bloating.
Sip a glass of green pepper juice before the main meals. Advice: it is more effective when combined with spinach juice or carrot juice.

5. Fight atherosclerosis with onion juice

Onion Juice natural remedies

Atherosclerosis, a condition in which the artery walls thicken, can be fought with onion juice. Squeeze one kg of onions and add 300 g of honey. Keep the juice in the fridge and drink 50 ml a day for 3-4 months. Advice: onion juice together with carrot juice or celery juice holds off asthenia.

6. Hypertension is lowered with beet juice

beet juice natural remedies

The content of natural nitrates of beet juice dilates the blood vessels and helps lower the blood pressure. Drink a glass of juice daily in three doses.
Advice: for a better taste, combine beet juice with carrot juice.

Be healthy, be natural!

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