The Best Treatment For Eye Fatigue

By | March 14, 2014
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Eye fatigue

If your eyes are set upon the television, steering wheel or the computer screen, your eyes become strained and will fail you: they itch, the images are no longer clear, and you get headaches. Due to strain and burden, the lachrymal liquid dwindles, the eyelids do not cover the eyes so often and they get irritated.

drug eyebright

Treatment: drug eyebright is a true blessing for the eyes, as warm tea or cold compresses.

Tea: scald a teaspoon of drug eyebright in hot water, infuse for two minutes, filter and drink it.

Compress: in the cold tea soak a small piece of cotton wool and apply on the closed eyes.

Effect: the active ingredients of the drug eyebright calm the irritated eyes.

Be healthy, be natural!

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