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Sciatica – how to get rid of pain

Sciatica – Along the years, the disks between the vertebrae lose their elasticity, leading to compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Treatment: because the thermophore is too small for the affected surface, roll a towel, soak it in warm water and apply it on the painful area. Hold it until it gets cold. Effect: the hot towel relaxes and accelerates the elimination of the things which produce pain in your… Read More »

The Most Effective Remedies For Hypertension

Natural treatments for hypertension As you know hypertension determines dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue and cardiac insufficiency, stroke, hemorrhage in the back of the eyes etc. TREATING IT WITH PLANTS * Mix 500 ml of vodka with 300 g of pounded garlic and macerate it for 14 days in a dark tinted bottle in a warm and dark place. Then filter it through double gauze. Keep the bottle well sealed and… Read More »

Varicose Veins – 8 Most Effective Home Remedies

Treatment for Varicose Veins The condition manifests itself as an unaesthetic issue: a network of reddish or bluish capillaries. In a short while you will feel discomfort as well as heavy and tired feet. The development of such varicose veins is determined and influenced by many factors: body weight, lack of exercising, smoking, family history. 1.Black locust tincture Pour 100 ml of alcohol (70°) over four spoonfuls of minced black… Read More »

Treat Your Heel Spurs Naturally

Heel spurs appear like bone protuberances developed on the back of the plantar fascia of the calcaneus. What are our options to remedy these protuberances? Burdock decoction compresses Boil four spoonfuls of burdock root in four glasses of water. Infuse in a thermos for 4-5 hours. Before going to sleep apply a wool cotton pad sprinkled with the decoction. Then drench some cotton socks in the decoction, squeeze them and put… Read More »

Neurodermatitis – Useful Treatment With Soy Oil

Neurodermatitis it’s an hereditary disease, with a strong psychical component that can never be fully healed, and the state can be alleviated through minute nursing, without affecting the protective layer. Treatment: building up grease can be done through baths with oils (e.g. soy). You can bathe daily: pour 10 ml oil in warm water (37-38°C), stay in the bathtub for 10 minutes and then massage the affected skin. Against itchiness take baths… Read More »

Gout – natural remedies and treatments

Advertisement   Gout is a form of arthritis (joint inflammation) characterized by painful episodes inferior to joint inflammation. The condition is characterized by pain, edema, redness and local heat (inflammation) as well as joint dysfunction. Treatments: Mustard poultice Take a teaspoon of honey, mustard flour and salt used for pickles. Heat the honey in a steam bath in order to make it mellow and add salt until it dissolves. Then… Read More »

Treating furuncle (boil) and phlegmons naturally

In case the furuncle is in an inchoate state (the callus is red and painful when touched), its evolution can be stopped by applying garlic juice. You take a garlic clove; you peel it, cut it at an end, and crest it so that its juice drips. The obtained juice is directly applied on the reddish skin. You take another clove and repeat the procedure. Apply it twice a day. You will… Read More »