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8 tips for balancing the cholesterol level without drugs

Advertisement 1. Eat a handful of nuts, for example, walnuts, almonds, pistachio etc, approximately 50 g daily. 2. Eat an apple a day, because it reduces the bad cholesterol‘s levels and it raises the level of the good cholesterol. 3. In order to prepare a drink to battle against cholesterol, pour a cup of milk soy into the mixer’s bowl, add two spoonfuls of flax seeds soaked beforehand and a couple… Read More »

Wonder cures against rheumatism

We present you the four most efficient natural remedies against  rheumatism 1. Add two teaspoons of lemon salt and two teaspoons of cooking salt in 1/2 l of rubbing alcohol. Macerate it for 7-10 days. Shake daily. Massage the aching area daily and leave it to dry. If possible, massage twice a day. The compress is applied on the aching area and it is left to dry. After we feel… Read More »

How to get rid of giardiasis in 15 days

Giardiasis can be contracted through contaminated water, and due to improperly washed fruit and vegetables. The symptoms are: bothered stomach, pain in the upper part of the abdomen, nausea and headaches. Ingredients for the recipe: a glass of double refined alcohol a glass of beet juice  garlic The garlic is pounded and the three ingredients are mixed well. The mixture is left to macerate for 3 days and then it is… Read More »

A cheap treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis treatment is very simple and also cheap.You will need only polifloral honey bee, plantain roots, a few carrots, onion, horseradishes and garlic. Here is the recipe 2 kg/70 oz polifloral honey bee           50 plantain roots 1 kg/35 oz carrots 1 kg/35 oz oven roasted onions 1 kg/35 oz horseradishes handful of garlic Peel, wash and mince. Leave it for a week and take… Read More »

Fingernail and toenail infection treatment (whitlow)

Surgical treatments for whitlow are painful and long term. To prevent any surgical treatment, soak a cotton pad/wool pad in iodine tincture onto which a swaddle is applied for the entire day. This treatment lasts 2-3 days. The skin begins to peel near the infected area and it shouldn’t scare you; the pain is alleviated and the infection lessens. In maximum one week, the infection goes away and no mark… Read More »

Cystitis treatment with apian products

This remedy is highly beneficial for women who suffer from habitual urinary infections (Cystitis) In case you want to undergo this treatment, it is recommended that you stop taking antibiotics, because the habitual usage could create unpleasant conditions, e.g Candida albicanis. The treatment is based on apian products: bee propolis, honey bee, bee bread and honey comb Recipe: bee propolis 25% tincture – 2 flasks of 50 ml/1.7 oz each; 8oo… Read More »