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Natural cold remedies

Are there cold remedies that help you recover faster? There is no escape from getting a cold or flu especially in the cooler autumn winter months. The common cold symptoms include a sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion and cough. If there is a fever, muscle aches, headaches and you feel extremely tired then you’ve mostly like got the flu. Even if it is a mild cold, it makes you… Read More »

Alternative medicine: a holistic approach

Many people are turning to alternative medicine to treat various medical conditions or to maintain good health and wellbeing. There are a number of reasons for the shift from using conventional medicine (also referred to as modern medicine) to alternative medicine including dissatisfaction of side effects associated with synthetic drugs and invasive treatment, wanting more control over ones’ own health and medical problems to wanting a more natural approach to… Read More »

Why choose natural remedies

Natural remedies are recipes made with natural ingredients often found in your home and are therefore also referred to as home remedies. The use of natural remedies for health and beauty has been traced back to as early as ancient Egypt in 3000BC. Many cultures and societies have relied on natural remedies to treat various ailments and to maintain good health quite successfully. Today science has backed up a lot… Read More »

Gout – natural remedies and treatments

Advertisement   Gout is a form of arthritis (joint inflammation) characterized by painful episodes inferior to joint inflammation. The condition is characterized by pain, edema, redness and local heat (inflammation) as well as joint dysfunction. Treatments: Mustard poultice Take a teaspoon of honey, mustard flour and salt used for pickles. Heat the honey in a steam bath in order to make it mellow and add salt until it dissolves. Then… Read More »

Losing weight naturally with elderflower

Owing to the active ingredients found in elderflower, be it tea, tincture or juice, the elderflower is a diuretic and has a perspiring effect, eliminating water out of your body. It is a laxative (but without the adverse reactions found in drugs), it inhibits the appetite (long-term) and it is a great aid for weight loss if coupled with a diet and exercising. In order to rid yourselves of the… Read More »

Fingernail and toenail infection treatment (whitlow)

Surgical treatments for whitlow are painful and long term. To prevent any surgical treatment, soak a cotton pad/wool pad in iodine tincture onto which a swaddle is applied for the entire day. This treatment lasts 2-3 days. The skin begins to peel near the infected area and it shouldn’t scare you; the pain is alleviated and the infection lessens. In maximum one week, the infection goes away and no mark… Read More »

Cold sore – an instant treatment with ash

      Stages of a cold sore There is never a good time to get cold sores or fever blisters. It is a very embarrassing skin condition to have not to mention painful. Here are two unusual home remedies that will quickly get rid of your cold sores. It’s important that these treatments are done as soon as you feel a tingling and itching sensation (stage 1).   1.… Read More »