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Healthy weight loss: how to lose weight fast and keep it off for good

The key to healthy weight loss. Everyone knows that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and move more. Most diets reduce the amount of calories you consume by restricting certain types of foods. If you’ve tried diets you will be all too familiar with feeling deprived and miserable while on the diet and although you lose the weight initially, you’re not able to maintain the… Read More »

Silver Fir Oil – Natural Wonder Cure

Silver fir oil it is one of the most valuable conifer oils. It is a good treatment for respiratory organs, enhances the bronchi, relieving them of their liquid, pus, and phlegm. It helps in case of dyspnoea, asthma and tones up the nervous system. Improves tissue vascularisation, rejuvenates the skin, smoothes the wrinkles. It regulates emotions (balm for the soul), rids you of depression, tones up and raises the resistance… Read More »

Horseradish – Nature’s Wonder Medicine

Horseradish is invaluable through its chemical composition and richness in vitamins and minerals (there are 120 mg Calcium, 580 mg Potassium, 70 mg Phosphorus, 35 mg Magnesium, over 2000 mg Iron, 80 mg Sodium, 200 mg Sulphur, vitamin C and others in 100 g of horseradish).   In the manuscripts of the thirteenth century, horseradish was entitled “Eye of the King” and its roots were compared to gold. Indeed, horseradish… Read More »

Instant Remedy For Depressive Moods

Depressive moods Treatment: Paracelsus recommends the tutsan since the sixteenth century against “fear and nightmares”. Today, it has been confirmed by scientists that the herb is effective: when your spirits are down, the tutsan kicks in, balancing the hormone levels. In Transylvania, you drive sorrow away with tutsan. You drink one cup of tea 2-3 times a day, even before going to bed. Effect: tutsan blocks the receptors in the… Read More »

6 Medical Conditions Cured With Natural Juices

Six medical conditions cured with natural juices Many times people deal with different medical problems by running to the local pharmacy seeking all kinds of remedies. But we should keep in mind that luckily there are a lot of fruit and vegetables whose natural juice rids us of various medical conditions. 1. Get rid of coughing with black radish Due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin C… Read More »

The most 5 useful plants in the detoxification regime

Detoxify your body through natural treatments! We propose you five very useful plants in every detoxification diet. Enjoy a cup of hot tea and rid yourselves of your toxins! These five plants are very useful in your detoxification diet, especially if you got some digestive problems after the holidays. See their benefits, how to use them and how to prepare them! 1.CENTAURY (CENTAURIUM UMBELLATUM) Has a cleansing effect, it is a… Read More »

Detoxification after the holidays – is a must!

How do we gather toxins? We live in a world increasingly polluted through air, water and soil, and the food industry uses alarming quantities of colorings, additives and stabilizers, bearing the generic name of „E-number”. All these toxins get into the human system. But because it was used to a clean environment and organic food for millennia, the body is trying its best to process and eliminate the toxins. The… Read More »