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Natural cold remedies

Are there cold remedies that help you recover faster? There is no escape from getting a cold or flu especially in the cooler autumn winter months. The common cold symptoms include a sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion and cough. If there is a fever, muscle aches, headaches and you feel extremely tired then you’ve mostly like got the flu. Even if it is a mild cold, it makes you… Read More »

The Most Efficient Natural Treatment For Heatstroke

Heatstroke Headaches, nausea and dizziness from lying in the sun can be alleviated with natural products, such as lavender oil or peppermint oil, blueberry infusion and ginger. Mild forms of heatstroke manifest themselves through headaches, fatigue and exhaustion due to dehydration and can be treated at home. When we expose ourselves to the sun, our brain overheats and inevitably symptoms start appearing. In such situations, the thumb rule is to… Read More »

Natural Treatment For Vomiting

Vomiting When we feel the stomach twinging, we cannot help but throw up. It is our body’s defense mechanism, a reflex through which it protects itself against pathogens and harmful substances. Therefore, we should not repress it when we feel like throwing up. Treatment: for the upset stomach to heal itself, we must use a classic remedy: mint tea and (dry) biscuits. Or a mucous oat soup: add 20 g… Read More »

Silver Fir Oil – Natural Wonder Cure

Silver fir oil it is one of the most valuable conifer oils. It is a good treatment for respiratory organs, enhances the bronchi, relieving them of their liquid, pus, and phlegm. It helps in case of dyspnoea, asthma and tones up the nervous system. Improves tissue vascularisation, rejuvenates the skin, smoothes the wrinkles. It regulates emotions (balm for the soul), rids you of depression, tones up and raises the resistance… Read More »

The Power Of The Fruits

Fruits treatments Constipation – Drink freshly squeezed juice of ripe mountain ash fruit. You can dilute the juice with water (two spoonfuls of juice per 100 ml water) or with tea if the flavour is too strong. Diarrhoea – Crack some walnuts and pick the membrane between the kernels. Boil for five minutes a cup of water together with two spoonfuls of these membranes. Filter and drink it when cold.… Read More »

Horseradish – Nature’s Wonder Medicine

Horseradish is invaluable through its chemical composition and richness in vitamins and minerals (there are 120 mg Calcium, 580 mg Potassium, 70 mg Phosphorus, 35 mg Magnesium, over 2000 mg Iron, 80 mg Sodium, 200 mg Sulphur, vitamin C and others in 100 g of horseradish).   In the manuscripts of the thirteenth century, horseradish was entitled “Eye of the King” and its roots were compared to gold. Indeed, horseradish… Read More »