Instant Remedy For Depressive Moods

Depressive moods Treatment: Paracelsus recommends the tutsan since the sixteenth century against “fear and nightmares”. Today, it has been confirmed by scientists that the herb is effective: when your spirits are down, the tutsan kicks in, balancing the hormone levels. In Transylvania, you drive sorrow away with tutsan. You drink one cup of tea 2-3 times a day, even before going to bed. Effect: tutsan blocks the receptors in the… Read More »

Sciatica – how to get rid of pain

Sciatica – Along the years, the disks between the vertebrae lose their elasticity, leading to compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Treatment: because the thermophore is too small for the affected surface, roll a towel, soak it in warm water and apply it on the painful area. Hold it until it gets cold. Effect: the hot towel relaxes and accelerates the elimination of the things which produce pain in your… Read More »

6 Medical Conditions Cured With Natural Juices

Six medical conditions cured with natural juices Many times people deal with different medical problems by running to the local pharmacy seeking all kinds of remedies. But we should keep in mind that luckily there are a lot of fruit and vegetables whose natural juice rids us of various medical conditions. 1. Get rid of coughing with black radish Due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin C… Read More »

Wrinkles – Prevent Your Skin Aging

Wrinkles are not a disease, but as a result of aging. Still, they annoy us, especially the women. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous cure in changing the wrinkled skin into baby skin overnight. But you can do something to slow it down, as much as possible, the skin aging process. Treatment: a masque with ingredients from our own pantry: one egg yolk mixed with two tablespoons of wheat germs oil… Read More »

Hoarse Throat Treatment

Hoarse throat Treatment: when the voice cracks, the best remedy is to gargle with sage tea or plantain tea. Boil 2 teaspoons of herb in 1/4 l water, allow to permeate for 10 minutes and then gargle a couple of times a day. And one more thing: “speech is silvern, silence is golden” (it helps heal the vocal cords).              Effect: both herbs stop the… Read More »

Best Hangover Remedies Ever

When you are fighting against the annoying hangover, everyone recommends you to drink strong coffee. It is not exactly what you need, because coffee dehydrates your body. Here are some hangover remedies that really work! Hangover is a state of discomfort due to alcohol consumption. The liver is the most affected, and as “revenge”, the symptoms are one more unbearable than the other. Headaches are almost intolerable; you can hardly… Read More »