The Most Effective Remedies For Hypertension

Natural treatments for hypertension As you know hypertension determines dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue and cardiac insufficiency, stroke, hemorrhage in the back of the eyes etc. TREATING IT WITH PLANTS * Mix 500 ml of vodka with 300 g of pounded garlic and macerate it for 14 days in a dark tinted bottle in a warm and dark place. Then filter it through double gauze. Keep the bottle well sealed and… Read More »

Cold Hand And Feet

Cold hands and feet The cold hands and feet can be a follow up after tension and anxiety, but mostly, it is due to insufficient blood irrigation caused by a sedentary lifestyle, hypotension or bad circulation. Treatment: a cold shower after Kneipp‘s method. Allow cold water jet from your ankles to your thighs, face and back of the feet, three times. Effect: “Kneipp Cure” strengthens the blood vessels, which react with… Read More »

The Best Treatment For Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue If your eyes are set upon the television, steering wheel or the computer screen, your eyes become strained and will fail you: they itch, the images are no longer clear, and you get headaches. Due to strain and burden, the lachrymal liquid dwindles, the eyelids do not cover the eyes so often and they get irritated. Treatment: drug eyebright is a true blessing for the eyes, as warm… Read More »

Varicose Veins – 8 Most Effective Home Remedies

Treatment for Varicose Veins The condition manifests itself as an unaesthetic issue: a network of reddish or bluish capillaries. In a short while you will feel discomfort as well as heavy and tired feet. The development of such varicose veins is determined and influenced by many factors: body weight, lack of exercising, smoking, family history. 1.Black locust tincture Pour 100 ml of alcohol (70°) over four spoonfuls of minced black… Read More »

Treat Your Heel Spurs Naturally

Heel spurs appear like bone protuberances developed on the back of the plantar fascia of the calcaneus. What are our options to remedy these protuberances? Burdock decoction compresses Boil four spoonfuls of burdock root in four glasses of water. Infuse in a thermos for 4-5 hours. Before going to sleep apply a wool cotton pad sprinkled with the decoction. Then drench some cotton socks in the decoction, squeeze them and put… Read More »

Neurodermatitis – Useful Treatment With Soy Oil

Neurodermatitis it’s an hereditary disease, with a strong psychical component that can never be fully healed, and the state can be alleviated through minute nursing, without affecting the protective layer. Treatment: building up grease can be done through baths with oils (e.g. soy). You can bathe daily: pour 10 ml oil in warm water (37-38°C), stay in the bathtub for 10 minutes and then massage the affected skin. Against itchiness take baths… Read More »

Hangover treatment – country style

Hangover After abundant liquor up, there are headaches, nausea, and dizziness, because alcohol is aggressive with the membrane of the cells. Treatment: the peasant women knew how to wake up their husbands. They would set the table and for breakfast the men would eat marinated mackerel, sauerkraut liquid or buttermilk.   Effect: the magnesium found in food stabilizes the cellular membrane. Be healthy, be natural!