Gout – natural remedies and treatments

Advertisement   Gout is a form of arthritis (joint inflammation) characterized by painful episodes inferior to joint inflammation. The condition is characterized by pain, edema, redness and local heat (inflammation) as well as joint dysfunction. Treatments: Mustard poultice Take a teaspoon of honey, mustard flour and salt used for pickles. Heat the honey in a steam bath in order to make it mellow and add salt until it dissolves. Then… Read More »

Treat and prevent iron deficiency

Iron deficiency People with iron deficiency get tired easily, are more irritable, have brittle nails, lifeless hair, dry and pale skin. Normally, through proper nutrition, we assimilate a sufficient quantity of iron, but after haemorrhages, abundant menstruation or during pregnancy, this is no longer valid. Treatment: nettle tea can be very useful in such cases: scald a teaspoon of nettle leaves in a cup of hot water, leave it for 5… Read More »

Quick treatment for bug bites

Bug bites Mosquito bites are not dangerous, and usually the swelling disappears by itself. What is worse is when you are stung by bees or wasps, because they can trigger serious inflammations or allergic reactions. In case of such symptoms, you must see a doctor, but in most cases we can heal by ourselves. Treatment: firstly, you clean the area with cold water, and then you apply a compress with… Read More »

Hypertension and hypotension homemade remedy!

Hypertension In case of a predisposition to hypertension, your heart and blood vessels are heavily stressed and could be easily harmed. Treatment: garlic best cleanses blood vessels, but only in large quantities (1-2 fresh cloves daily). Effect: Garlic contains sulphites that reduce cholesterol. Hypotension In the case of hypotension, the heart pumps blood with less force. For strengthening the pumping force, Pastor Kneipp’s recipe is recommended. Treatment: Pour 3/4 l… Read More »

How do you treat herpes naturally?

Advertisment Herpes It is a virus that lies dormant in each and every one of us, but does not always manifest, only when the immune system is low. Treatment: Lemon balm and tutsan infusions as a compress directly applied on the afflicted area (or even the tea bags soaked in lukewarm water). In case of relapse: wrap an ice cube in a handkerchief and press where you feel it tingles,… Read More »

Losing weight naturally with elderflower

Owing to the active ingredients found in elderflower, be it tea, tincture or juice, the elderflower is a diuretic and has a perspiring effect, eliminating water out of your body. It is a laxative (but without the adverse reactions found in drugs), it inhibits the appetite (long-term) and it is a great aid for weight loss if coupled with a diet and exercising. In order to rid yourselves of the… Read More »

Hay fever – temporary first aid

With pollen there is hay fever: runny nose and an itchiness which is unbearable. The people suffering from this condition produce too many histamines to protect themselves against pollen: the mucous tissue is heavily irrigated with blood, it swells and presses the water from the cells in the nose. The condition manifests like a head cold, and the bronchi narrow to such extent that respiratory problems occur. Treatment: as temporary… Read More »