Useful tip to treat fever

Fever is not a sickness, but the natural defense mechanism of our body against pathogens. At a temperature of over 38°C, most bacteria and viruses cannot spread nor multiply. Therefore, fever should not always be combated. Treatment: thyme tea, linden tea and camomile tea protect the defensive attempts of our body; likewise, cold compresses on the legs. These are classical remedies against fever, without limiting its healing powers. For the… Read More »

Earaches healed with onion

Earaches They are sometimes coupled with colds, and if there is no serious condition of the middle ear (Otitis media), the pain can be alleviated through empirical methods. Treatment: the onion is an olden guaranteed remedy: 1-2 minced onions are wrapped in a kerchief, heat it above the steam, apply it on your ears and possibly fix it with a bandage or sash. Hold it for about an hour. Apply it… Read More »

My grandmother cure for Loin Pain (lumbago)!

Loin pain (lumbago) The inferior back muscles contract due to shocks; it is a reflex to protect the backbone from harm, but at the same time it affects the blood irrigation, producing great pain. Treatment: my grandmother recommends in such cases a hot bath with herbs – 500 g of hay flowers, macerated for 30 minutes in cold water, filter and pour in the warm water of the bathtub. Effect: the… Read More »

Traditional natural remedy for Throat Aches

Throat aches treatment: instead of medication, women used cold compresses with cottage cheese. Take a linen kerchief, spread a thick layer of cottage cheese, sprinkle some vinegar and apply it on your neck with the cheese layer downwards. Tie it with a scarf and hold, preferably, the entire night, if not at least until the cheese is dry. At the same time, sip plantain tea. Effect: the cheese cools and… Read More »

Treat your Headaches whithout aspririn!

The active ingredient that is used the most against headaches is the acetylsalicylic acid that, for example, the aspirin contains. But there were other cures before the aspirin was discovered. Treatment: add a teaspoon of white willow bark in 1/4 l of cold water, let it heat until it is boiling, allow it to permeate for 5 minutes, filter and drink it. Or you can massage your temples and back of… Read More »

I have stomach-aches! What should I do?

Treatment  In case of stomach-aches (cramps), the best remedy is warm camomile compress: pour 1/2 l boiling water over 2 teaspoons of camomile, leave it for 10 minutes, soak a linen towel in the hot infusion, squeeze well and apply it on the abdomen. Cover with another towel that is thicker or with a blanket and leave it for 15 minutes to take effect, while the compress is still warm.… Read More »

How to get rid of diarrhea

Through diarrhea, the body protects itself against the residues that have to be eliminated. Therefore, short-term diarrhea is better to be treated with natural treatments, and not with substances that constipate. Treatment Alkaline cabbage soup prepared by Aura Grete is an ointment for the mucous tissues: mince two potatoes and one carrot, boil them for 20 minutes in 1/4 l water, mix and add salt (do not add pepper!). Effect… Read More »