Pink eye (conjunctivitis) natural remedy

The pink eye have the following symptoms: red, irritated, watering, itchy eyes. Cause: lesions, rashes, allergic reactions, bacteria or viruses. Treatment There is a special herb in healing pink eye, namely, the drug eyebright (Euphrasia stricta). Scald 1/2 of herb in one cup of boiling water and let it permeate for 1-2 minutes. After it is cold, apply the compress on your closed eyelids and hold for 5-10 minutes (several… Read More »

Great-grandmother natural remedy for cystitis

Cold temperatures (e.g. cold feet) enable bacteria to settle in the gallbladder. It mostly affects women, because their urinary tract is shorter, thus leading the bacteria straight to their destination. Treatment for cystitis My great-grandmother recommends currant juice or cranberry juice (mountain cranberry or red bilberry), watercress salad (Nasturtium officinale), and plenty of liquids. Effect The juice contains, besides Vitamin C (an immune-modulator), large quantities of antibiotic flavonoids. The watercress mustard oil… Read More »

A cheap natural remedy for cellulite

What is Cellulite? The cellulite or “orange peel” found on your thighs, buttocks and legs does not pose any danger, but still poses an issue for women due to its disgusting aspect. It is the herniation of fat deposits, occurring mostly on women, because the structure of the connective tissue is more flaccid. Treatment Mix one teaspoon of parsley in a cup of hot water and filter it. Drink a… Read More »

Best natural treatment for bronchitis

If you can not get rid of bronchitis try the following treatment . It is 100% sure and natural. Treatment The pot of water is put on the cooker so that the steam calms the rasped bronchi. For one inhalation, boil 3-4 l of water with 2 tablespoons of camomile flowers and 2 tablespoons of thyme and wait 10 minutes to permeate. Cover your head with a towel and keep for face… Read More »

A very simple and useful treatment for calluses

Calluses appear due to the thickening of the horned layer of the skin, usually because of pinching shoes. Treatment: apply a slice of onion on the callus until painful layer strips off, after that keep your feet in warm water, wipe and apply pot marigold ointment. Effect: the sulphites found in the onion soak the horned layer of the skin, and the ointment contains pot marigold, a miraculous cure for any wound.… Read More »

Best natural remedy for Bloating (also for babies)

Bloating is caused by closed air in the bowels, and the pressure it causes is quite painful sometimes. Treatment: anise tea is the most effective cure (even for babies). Pour 1/4 l of boiling water over one teaspoon of ground or crushed seeds, allow it to infuse 10 minutes (with a lid on) and drink a cup of tea after meals. Effect: the attar of the anise alleviates the cramps and stimulates… Read More »

The most 5 useful plants in the detoxification regime

Detoxify your body through natural treatments! We propose you five very useful plants in every detoxification diet. Enjoy a cup of hot tea and rid yourselves of your toxins! These five plants are very useful in your detoxification diet, especially if you got some digestive problems after the holidays. See their benefits, how to use them and how to prepare them! 1.CENTAURY (CENTAURIUM UMBELLATUM) Has a cleansing effect, it is a… Read More »