Detoxification after the holidays – is a must!

How do we gather toxins? We live in a world increasingly polluted through air, water and soil, and the food industry uses alarming quantities of colorings, additives and stabilizers, bearing the generic name of „E-number”. All these toxins get into the human system. But because it was used to a clean environment and organic food for millennia, the body is trying its best to process and eliminate the toxins. The… Read More »

Cheapest remedies for headaches, ribs pangs and intestinal parasites

1. Headaches: 200 g leaves of fresh absinthe are crushed and minced well and are introduced in a one litre bottle. Add Țuică (distilled fruit liquor) until you fill the bottle. Macerate it for 9 days. Shake it every 2 days, filter it and massage the aching areas. 2. Remedy for pangs between the ribs: apply a compress soaked with rubbing alcohol strewn with ground pepper. Stay warm for 1-2… Read More »

Treating furuncle (boil) and phlegmons naturally

In case the furuncle is in an inchoate state (the callus is red and painful when touched), its evolution can be stopped by applying garlic juice. You take a garlic clove; you peel it, cut it at an end, and crest it so that its juice drips. The obtained juice is directly applied on the reddish skin. You take another clove and repeat the procedure. Apply it twice a day. You will… Read More »

8 tips for balancing the cholesterol level without drugs

Advertisement 1. Eat a handful of nuts, for example, walnuts, almonds, pistachio etc, approximately 50 g daily. 2. Eat an apple a day, because it reduces the bad cholesterol‘s levels and it raises the level of the good cholesterol. 3. In order to prepare a drink to battle against cholesterol, pour a cup of milk soy into the mixer’s bowl, add two spoonfuls of flax seeds soaked beforehand and a couple… Read More »

Wonder cures against rheumatism

We present you the four most efficient natural remedies against  rheumatism 1. Add two teaspoons of lemon salt and two teaspoons of cooking salt in 1/2 l of rubbing alcohol. Macerate it for 7-10 days. Shake daily. Massage the aching area daily and leave it to dry. If possible, massage twice a day. The compress is applied on the aching area and it is left to dry. After we feel… Read More »

Best 10 homemade remedies for acne

Acne is the most common chronic skin condition characterized by the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Generally, acneappears on the face, neck, chest and shoulders. According to studies, about 6 out of 10 teenagers aging 12-14 suffer from acne and it becomes more and more embarrassing as they preoccupy themselves with their appearance. You will find below 10 natural remedies effective in treating acne 1. Raw pumpkin treatment – Scrub… Read More »

How to get rid of giardiasis in 15 days

Giardiasis can be contracted through contaminated water, and due to improperly washed fruit and vegetables. The symptoms are: bothered stomach, pain in the upper part of the abdomen, nausea and headaches. Ingredients for the recipe: a glass of double refined alcohol a glass of beet juice  garlic The garlic is pounded and the three ingredients are mixed well. The mixture is left to macerate for 3 days and then it is… Read More »