Silver Fir Oil – Natural Wonder Cure

By | May 19, 2014
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Silver fir oil it is one of the most valuable conifer oils. It is a good treatment for respiratory organs, enhances the bronchi, relieving them of their liquid, pus, and phlegm. It helps in case of dyspnoea, asthma and tones up the nervous system. Improves tissue vascularisation, rejuvenates the skin, smoothes the wrinkles. It regulates emotions (balm for the soul), rids you of depression, tones up and raises the resistance and the body functions. Alleviates migraines, fatigue, enhances vision, and activates sexual and metabolic functions.

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Acne – Tampon the acne with a cotton pad soaked in silver fir oil before bedtime.

Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, wounds, burns etc) – Prepare an ointment from one spoonful of silver fir oil and two spoonfuls of any kind of liquid fat (grease, lard, blubber) and anoint the affected spot two or three times a day for three or four weeks.

Tonsillitis – Drip with a pipette a drop on each tonsil and one drop in your nostrils four-five times a day. You might get a burning feeling, as if you shed tears, sneeze, but in 15-20 it goes away.

Some forms of bronchial asthma – If the patient isn’t allergic to the scent of fir, inhalations are used. Be careful of inhalers – they shouldn’t contain rubber or plastic, since the oil can dissolve them.

Pulmonary calcinosis – Drink a mixture of 50 ml of water and two drops of silver fir oil three times a day or drip one tiny drop on a sugar cube. At the same time, massage your chest with oil. Drink it for 45 days and repeat the treatment after a ten-day break. In some cases kidney and bladder stones dissolve during the treatment.

Air disinfection – Put a napkin wet with a couple of drops of silver fir oil in your room or car.

Heartaches – Rub your heart area with three-four drops of silver fir oil; pain goes away quickly.

Muscle and joint pain, fractures and polyarthritis – before massaging the affected areas, take a hot bath for your pores to be open. Silver fir oil is used either as such or combined with liquid fat. Twenty or thirty such procedures are necessary.

Flu – Rub your chest, back, arms and feet with four-five drops of silver fir oil mixed with vinegar or chilli pepper tincture.

Mastopathy – Gently massage the mammary glands with silver fir oil alone daily for 20 days. Repeat the procedure after a ten-day break.

Swollen feet (oedema) – add a cup of clay, three spoonfuls of salt and five drops of silver fir oil in a bowl of warm water. The procedure takes 25-30 minutes.

Pneumonia, acute and chronic bronchitis – Combine massages with inhalations. Add no more than two drops of silver fir oil in boiling water and inhale the steam for 5-7 minutes.

Coughing – drip three drops of silver fir oil in your throat before bedtime.

If you add seven drops of silver fir oil mixed with one spoonful of milk or honey, your nervous system and muscles relax and it alleviate stress, rejuvenates your body and you will have a calm and smooth sleep. It is contraindicated in cases of epilepsy, convulsions or acute kidney disorders.

Pay attention! In order to assess its quality, mix three or four drops of silver fir oil with cold water. If the drops float and the water is clear, the oil is good for the aforementioned treatments. If the water turns white as milk, the oil is to be used only for cosmetics.

Be healthy, be natural!

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