Treating furuncle (boil) and phlegmons naturally

By | December 16, 2013
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boil furuncles

In case the furuncle is in an inchoate state (the callus is red and painful when touched), its evolution can be stopped by applying garlic juice. You take a garlic clove; you peel it, cut it at an end, and crest it so that its juice drips. The obtained juice is directly applied on the reddish skin. You take another clove and repeat the procedure. Apply it twice a day. You will see how the lesion will regress and in a few days will eventually dry.

Garlic natural remedie

Pay attention: apply only its juice, do not put slices of garlic on the skin hoping it would heal faster, because it will only burn your skin or cause other unpleasant effects.


If the furuncle is in an advanced stage (the pus is already formed or is currently forming, or if the pus is leaking) or in case of a phlegmon, the remedy is the onion. At rights angle on the longitudinal axis cut a slice of onion that is 1.5 cm thick. Apply it on the lesion under a bandage. Renew the bandage twice a day. When you change it, cleanse the area with camomile tea or propolis tincture. Due to its power of suction, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities of the onion, you will see how the pus will gather and evacuate completely, along with its dreaded “sack”. In his way you will get rid of the pain of surgery and repeated cleansing. In case of a furuncle, the local treatment will ease the pain completely, without the need of any antibiotics.


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