Veggies and potherb usefull cures

By | May 28, 2014
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Veggies and potherb cures

Rheumatic pains – After the harvest, pick eggplants and potatoes and leave them to dry in the shade of tomato beanstalks. Scald them and allow the water to cool, then you can either hold your affected joint in the water, or soak a cloth which in turn is used as a compress, or apply the warm plants, but they should be under a cloth which in turn is covered with a plastic layer. Keep the compresses for several hours. It is even better if kept all day long. The patient suffering from rheumatic pains must only wear clothes made of natural fabrics – cotton, linen, hemp, and wool.

potatoes-natural-remedies-pocket-guide                        Eggplant

Boil two or three chilli peppers in white wine with honey. Drink it as hot as possible, one teaspoon every hour. Soak a compress in the same mixture and apply over the affected spot. Hold it for several hours. It is possible that during the first application you might get skin rash, therefore anoint the area with unrefined oil first. This cure is helpful in case of dry coughs. It calms and treats sore throats.

chili-peppers                      White_Wine remedy            honey

Stuffy nose, sinusitis – Boil whole unpeeled potatoes, put them on a plate, crest them and inhale the hot steam.

boiled potatoes


Coughing, chest pains due to colds – mince or shave peeled Jerusalem artichokes (turnips). Sprinkle with sugar and leave it for several hours. Squeeze the juice and drink a teaspoon ever 2-3 hours.

jerusalem artichoke


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