Why choose natural remedies

By | December 16, 2014
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honey,garlic and lemonNatural remedies are recipes made with natural ingredients often found in your home and are therefore also referred to as home remedies. The use of natural remedies for health and beauty has been traced back to as early as ancient Egypt in 3000BC. Many cultures and societies have relied on natural remedies to treat various ailments and to maintain good health quite successfully. Today science has backed up a lot of these natural remedies as being effective and sometimes more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

If you are considering using natural remedies for yourself or your family, here are some good reasons to give it a try:

1. They are easy to use because many of the ingredients needed, can be found at home. It is also easy to research a wide range of natural remedies online as there are many websites offering free directions to using home remedies.
2. They are often less expensive as the recipes use everyday products in your kitchen or garden and recipes for natural remedies can be obtained for free online.
3. They have far less (if any) side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.
4. They often work better because they treat the underlying cause rather than just the symptom.
5. Natural remedies can be used to not just treat the illness but also to prevent illnesses and ailments occurring in the first place.
6. Since the ingredients are all natural you know exactly what goes into or used on your body
7. If one remedy isn’t suitable, there are other natural remedy options to try.

While there are a number of benefits to using natural remedies, it is important to note that:

• A natural remedy that works for one individual may not work for another or you may not see the same results. That is why it is a good idea to look at several natural remedy options to find the one that works best for you.
• When using natural remedies, you may not always see immediate results. Don’t be dishearten, most natural home remedies take a while to see the full effects because it takes a while for the body to heal and restore its balance. Therefore try out a remedy for at least a month before you try another remedy.
• Some natural remedies can interact with prescribed medication so always check with a health professional before using a home remedy with prescribed medication.
• If there are a few natural remedy options to choose from look for one that does not have ingredients you may be allergic to and that will not interact with any prescribed medications you may be taking. Also choose the one that is most convenient to use (easy to make, easy to acquire the necessary ingredients).

Using natural remedies helps you to live a life that is as natural as possible. So the next time you are looking for some relief or wanting to improve your health and wellbeing, give natural remedies a try. You have very little to lose and much to gain. You might even be surprised with the result.

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