Wonder cures against rheumatism

By | November 23, 2013
Barton Publishing Inc

We present you the four most efficient natural remedies against  rheumatism


1. Add two teaspoons of lemon salt and two teaspoons of cooking salt in 1/2 l of rubbing alcohol. Macerate it for 7-10 days. Shake daily. Massage the aching area daily and leave it to dry. If possible, massage twice a day. The compress is applied on the aching area and it is left to dry. After we feel a significant change for the better, we can reduce the frequency to 2-3 week days.

2. Add four roots of shaved horse radish and 1/2 l of rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy (it is safer in this manner) in a jar with a cap. After 10 days, the liquid can be used for massaging the aching areas.

3. For rheumatic pains: peel beetroot and slice it in 1/2 cm thick rings, boil in water for 5-6 minutes and apply it on the aching area as they cool down a little. Apply a plastic sheet and warm flannel over it and tie it so it does not fall. Apply in at night and leave it until morning when the pain is relieved. You can apply it two or three times and the pain will go away for good.

4. A medium sized jar is filled with shaved paraffin; then you add Diesel fuel until the jar is filled. Keep it near a heat source and blend until the paraffin melts. Keep it in a cool place and allow the mixture to become like an ointment. It is better for the jar to be sealed. Use this mixture for the aching areas and cover them with nylon, lest your clothes should get imbibed with ointment. You will see results after 4-5 applications.

The presented remedies were tested and we can guarantee their efficiency.

Be healthy, be natural!

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