Bronchitis and cough natural remedy

By | May 20, 2013
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1. For the bothering coughing: this folk remedy used by generations is effective today as it has been before.

lemon natural remedies

Boil a lemon at low temperature for 10 minutes. Through boiling, the lemon softens so that a higher quantity of lemon juice is produced and the peel softens as well. The lemon is then cut in half and squeezed in a glass. Add two spoonfuls of glycerol (pharmaceutically speaking, 2 spoonfuls equal 30 g).

The mixture is well stirred, and then the glass is filled with honey. The cough syrup is later administered after one’s needs.

If you cough during the day, a teaspoon of syrup should be administered after the content is well stirred.
If you wake up during the night due to coughing, take a teaspoon before you sleep and another one when you are woken up by the coughing.
In case of violent coughing, take 6 teaspoons of syrup a day: in the morning after you wake up, before noon, in the afternoon, immediately after lunch, a few hours after lunch, with dinner and before going to sleep.

As soon as the cough is alleviated, lessen the daily dosage. This syrup can be taken by adults and children as well. This will alleviate coughing like no other syrup.

2. In case of bronchitis: apply on the chest a mixture of two spoonfuls of castor-oil and a teaspoon of turpentine oil.


First, heat the castor-oil and add the turpentine oil, then massage your chest with this mixture and cover with a blanket. If the condition is mild, the treatment is applied at night, if it is severe, thrice a day.

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