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By | April 19, 2013
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Homemade treatments and useful tipsnatural remedies skin type

1. Combination skin treatment

    Combination (normal) skin is specific for children and not many adults have it. Tender and supple, it reflects perfect health and is the result of a well-balanced nutrition. Cleansing milk and lukewarm chamomile infusion help in this respect. A facial mask will be applied weekly consisting of the following ingredients: egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil and a quarter glass of orange juice (50 ml/1.7 oz). The ingredients are to be mixed, the mask is then applied with a brush on the face and is to be kept for 20 minutes. Rinse with water or chamomile infusion.

2. Acne prone skin treatment

The causes for acne are manifold: hormonal imbalance, inadequate nutrition (excessive consumption of greasy and preserved food) or a chronic infection. As a skincare regimen, it is recommended weekly a facial mask made out of yeast.

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of yeast mixed with one teaspoon of chamomile tea and 15 drops of vitamin F. The mask is then applied on the face and should be kept for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm chamomile tea.

3. Oily skin treatment

        Bee propolis tincture compresses
Ingredients: 10 ml/0.4 oz bee propolis tincture, 10 g honey, 50 ml/1.7 oz plantain (Plantago) tincture.
Preparation: the ingredients are mixed, and the mixture is then spread over a piece of medicinal gauze and it has to be kept on the face for the following 10-15 minutes. This skincare regimen is recommended thrice a week.       

         Vinegar based treatment
Ingredients: 15 g/ a teaspoon of dried sage leaves, 15 g dried rosemary, 250 ml/8.5 oz wine vinegar.
Preparation: in a threaded jar/recipient, the plant leaves and the wine vinegar are left to macerate for 10 days. After that, the mixture is kept in the fridge, in dark-coloured vials or small bottles. This skincare regimen recommends that the face should be cleansed at the end of each day.        

          Clay Mask treatment
It is a very effective calming and cleansing mask for oily skin, made out of mineral water and clay. The preparation is easy and the effects are miraculous. The mask is prepared by mixing 2 spoonfuls of clay with mineral water until a paste forms. The paste is then applied on the face and left to dry; rinse afterwards with lukewarm water.

4. Dry skin treatment        

           Olive oil and sugar natural scrub
Ingredients: 100 g/half a cup of powdered sugar, 45 ml/1.5 oz/3 teaspoons of olive oil and lavender oil, that adds a touch of comfort and relaxation. Mix the ingredients so that the sugar is homogenous with the oil and then apply the mixture on the face. Massage the cheeks downward with gentle strokes, at least 30 times and then rinse with chamomile tea. This skincare regimen is recommended weekly and it contributes significantly to the removal of dead skin cells and it purifies the skin’s texture.

           Oat and honey mask
Attention! Before applying the mask it is important to undergo a facial sauna with chamomile infusion that will open up and clean the pores (through steam).
Ingredients: 30 g/ 2 spoonfuls of ground fine oat flakes (flour could be also used), 40 g honey, 2 ml/ half a teaspoon of distilled or boiled water.
Preparation: the ingredients are mixed in an enamelled bowl and are slightly heated until it reaches body temperature. The mixture is then applied on the face. If we want to exfoliate the skin, we massage it gently, if we want to calm and soothe the irritated skin, we leave it for about 15 minutes.

Useful tips for dry skin
– You shouldn’t wash your face with dry soap or with hard water that has high levels of limestone in it;
– Excessive washing leads to a dry skin, due to the fact that it over demands the sebum glands to over produce sebum. This process will age the skin faster. As for skincare, dairy products: yoghurt, sour cream and even milk are recommended, because they pump up the acidity level.
– During the night time, the skin has to be left to breathe, so the cream for dry skin must be applied in the morning.

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