The Power Of The Fruits

By | May 14, 2014
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Fruits treatments

Constipation – Drink freshly squeezed juice of ripe mountain ash fruit. You can dilute the juice with water (two spoonfuls of juice per 100 ml water) or with tea if the flavour is too strong.

mountain_ash_fruit natural remedies pocket guide

Diarrhoea – Crack some walnuts and pick the membrane between the kernels. Boil for five minutes a cup of water together with two spoonfuls of these membranes. Filter and drink it when cold. You can also use sloes in case of diarrhoea, either fresh or boiled (compote or jam). They are to be gathered only after the first hoarfrost. You can dry them so you can use them during winter.

walnut natural remedies pocket guide

Haemorrhoids – Pound quince seeds. Pour water over it and leave it overnight. Stir the mixture from time to time. The following day soak cloth in the cold water and put it on the affected area for several hours.

natrural remedies pocket guide - pound quince seeds

Digestive issues – In case of a difficult digestion, constipation or haemorrhoids, the patient used to be fed with cornstarch porridge – an extremely doughy and flabby cornstarch in which fresh plums or ripe cherry plums were boiled without their kernels.

Plums - natural remedies pocket guide

Be healthy, be natural!

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