Treat your Headaches whithout aspririn!

By | February 3, 2014
Barton Publishing Inc

The active ingredient that is used the most against headaches is the acetylsalicylic acid that, for example, the aspirin contains. But there were other cures before the aspirin was discovered.

Treatment: add a teaspoon of white willow bark in 1/4 l of cold water, let it heat until it is boiling, allow it to permeate for 5 minutes, filter and drink it. Or you can massage your temples and back of the neck with mint oil, or hop tea, mint tea, and rosemary tea (one teaspoon of these herbs mixed together per cup of tea), or a pillow filled with lavender, tutsan and lemon balm.

Effect: white willow contains salicin (a pre-acetylsalicylic acid), mint dilates the blood vessels, tutsan stimulates the production of soothing substances.

Be healthy, be natural!



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